System rationalization and integration

The rate of change in technology has increased tenfold in the past decade. Existing software and systems that serve today's business needs may be incapable of meeting tomorrow's demands and changing technical paradigms.

During the post-takeover consolidation and business remodeling, it became clear that the IT systems had to be integrated, for lower operational costs and better systems management.

MITS approaches systems rationalization from a business perspective, targeting the release of at least 15 % of your annual budget while simultaneously improving application suite performance, responsiveness and lifespan.

Large systems are co-created by teams from varied disciplines. And because they involve so many teams, it’s essential that a single source retains the vision through the development cycle.

Few of us fully recognize that systems integration is actually an emergent process, which probably explains why only 28% of large projects worldwide are successful.

MITS’s experience with systems integration has given us an opportunity to generate methods that facilitate this emergent process. As a result, we have a 100% track record in delivering systems integration projects.

The success of every such engagement we have been involved in is also due to our ability to maintain an integrated vision of a project’s end state throughout the development life cycle.